Tuesday Senior Golf League

Indian Hills Tuesday Senior League

The league will consist of two person teams. A $45 league fee will be due on or before the first league night, which will be on May 6h. Please read the league rules and format as they will answer most questions.

Schedule:        The league will consist of 18 play dates starting on May 14th and ending on Sept. 2nd.

Tee Times:     The league tee times will be between 8:00am – 10:00 AM Tuesday Morning.

Rainouts:        The golf shop will declare all rainouts. Teams will be expected to play unless weather causes the course to close. If a rainout occurs before the first position night the matches will be rescheduled and replace the position night. Matches not played due to rainouts after the position night will not be rescheduled.

Substitutes:    Obtaining a sub is the responsibility of the league player. The golf staff at Indian Hills is not required or responsible for finding a player a sub. A sub list with phone numbers and email addresses will be made available to league players.

Handicaps:     All players will eventually establish a league handicap. Handicaps will be calculated by using the player’s five most current league scores. The highest and lowest score will be tossed out. The three remaining scores will be averaged and the course rating will be subtracted from the player’s score. The remaining number will be multiplied by 96% and rounded to the nearest whole number, which will be used as the player’s handicap.

Scoring:          There will be a total of 12 points available in each match. Points are earned as follows.

  • Each team earns a 1 point per player for playing their match (2 points total, 2 point per team available)
  • Individual match – winning player earns 2 points for his team (2 matches 4 points available)
  • Team match – winning team earns 4 points  (4 points available)

The minimum amount of points a team can earn is 2 for showing up to play and not winning any matches. The maximum amount of points a team can earn is 10 for showing up to play and winning both individual matches as well as the team match.


Matches:         Individual Matches

  • Each teams low handicap player will play each other net match play
  • Each teams high handicap player will play each other net match play
  • If both players on a team have the same handicap they will determine who will play against the low and high handicap player from the other team
  • Team will compete for the low team net

Team Match

Definitions:    Net match play – A hole-by-hole match in which strokes are assigned to the higher handicap player.

  • Strokes are assigned using the USGA course rating.

Low team net – Determined by adding team’s two gross scores together and subtracting both players’ handicaps.



  1. Matches will be played according to the USGA Rules of Golf, except where local rules apply.
    1. Players must finish each hole in a match. By not completing a hole a player could still win his match but his team would be disqualified from the low team net.
    2. Player’s of the opposing team are allowed to concede putts to their opponents based on the USGA Rules of Golf applying to a match play format.
    3. Players may improve their lie in the fairway of the hole being played. One grip length no closer to the hole.


Champions:   The league champions will be the team with the highest point total at the end of the 18-week league schedule. In the event of a tie the team that won the head to head match during the year will be the winner.

Prizes:             Golf shop gift certificates will be handed out at the year-end banquet.

Banquet:        A mid season picnic and year-end banquet will be held for all league participants as part of your league dues.

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