Indian Hills Women’s Golf League


  1. League dues are $35 and are payable by the SECOND week of play.
  2. Prizes will be awarded only to golfers with established handicapped (3 scores) AND dues paid.
  3. Dues for Secretary will be waived.


  1. League members must play with at least ONE other league member.
  2. If you can not play on Thursday due to rain, you can make it up until the following Monday night but you will not be eligible for prizes.   You will still be eligible for points.  Be sure to leave scorecard in envelope for Secretary to pick up.  ***SIGN YOUR CARD & PUT THE DATE YOU PLAY ON IT.  ***If  you golf Thursday, leave your card in the folder.  If you don’t leave your card, you will not be eligible for prizes.
  3. One mulligan per night for drives ONLY.  You don’t have to pay for it.  (Using a mulligan will not give you a true handicap if you’re playing in a tournament.)


  1. All players will be handicapped using USGA rules.  The end of year handicaps will be used to start the season and to figure what flight you will be in.  New handicaps will be established after 3 weeks.  After five weeks, the flights will be reassessed according to handicaps.  The last five weeks of golf, the golfer will stay in the flight you are in at that time.  Your points will go with you if you change flights.
  2. Maximum handicap is 35 for 9 holes.
  3. Maximum of 10 strokes per hole.
  4. Weekly prizes will be given per flight but you must play on Thursday play to be eligible.
  5. No limit to the number of times players can win prizes.
  6. Year end prizes will be given in each flight.


  • Point system used will be based on NET scores each week.  Points will be given in each flight as follows:
    • 10 points – 1st low net
    • 7  points – 2nd low net
    • 5  points – 3rd low net
    • 3  points – 4th low net
    • 1  point   –  for playing

Scoring secretary shall maintain a spread sheet indicating all players’ total points.

(Gross score, handicap, net score, week’s total, cumulative total)


If a tie occurs, the points for the two positions will be added and divided by 2 and the points will be split for those two position.  (Example: Kim and May tied at 22 low net.  That would probably be 1st place.  So 1st and 2nd place points will be added together (10 & 7 = 17).  Divided by 2 is 8 ½ points given to both Kim and May.  The next lowest net will be given the points for 3rd low net (5 points).

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